27 May, 2012

The disapperance of Technicolor predicts a grey future for the Angers industry

If the future of open air public events is, with the success of "All Angers is moving", rather sunny along the Maine banks, the destiny of the town's industry could be a little bit less bright. Technicolor, formerly Thomson, which arrived in Angers in the 50's and employed till 3 000 persons, declared itself on Friday in voluntary liquidation. The factory will run till September but, already, the salaries of May would not have been paid to the last 350 employees and Technicolor Angers is unable to pay its bills. So, if any solution is found, the factory will soon only be part of the industrial history of the city. 

The case of Technicolor runs of course beyond the mission of the city council but this one should take care of the situation of "its" factories because these still give jobs to many of Angers inhabitants. A few months ago, when he took office, the new mayor of Angers, Frédéric Beatse, said he would follow closely the competitiveness of the local private sector. But that wish is not yet visible. If, at the national level, the new government appointed a minister in charge of economic recovery, in Angers, nobody looks in charge of industry (only a deputy mayor is in charge of commerce and craft indutry). There is still an initiative to be passed. 

If Technicolor disappears, the perimeter of the factory could be used for real estate projects, but not in a next future. In Angers, the real estate economy is not booming anymore. About a thousand homes would be currently available for sale or rent. And no purchasers are in sight... Many projects regarding the embellishment of the city or the conviviality between its inhabitants are underway (new banks for the Maine, a giant swimming pool or a center for solidarity). These could fuel much expenses than revenues and have to be financed. That will not be possible if the local economy is in decline. Angers should move in that field too.

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