22 May, 2012

The legislative ballots in Angers scarcely evoke the real economic difficulties to produce locally

Is the deindustrialization an important and, at least, a valuable issue for the candidates to the French national assembly? It's not sure. While all the notice boards displaying the candidates to the next ballot are visible in numerous places in Angers, the danger of death hanging over Technicolor, the manufacture of tv decoder, didn't catch the attention of the candidates. Except one!Jean-Charles Taugourdeau, himself a former businessman, candidate to his own succession, launched an appeal to the new minister in charge of the industrial recovery. 

The aim of his reasoning is simple : to win time because the managers of the Technicolor groupe plan to sell the Angers factory soon. But, the congressman seems to be naive because he says that this supplementary time would be sufficient "to transform the workshops toward outputs with high value-added using the know-how of the employees". The problem is not the ability of the employees but the costs of their work, i.e. the social and fiscal taxes the companies have to pay which make the outputs less competitive. 

Never-theless, such an appel has at least the interest to put the minister's finger on the real difficulty of its task. But, it looks a little bit naive, or prepos-terous, to believe the manufacture of high value-added outputs will stay in Angers and the low value-added products will be manufactured in the emerging countries because it's precisely on the first items that the difference of costs is important.

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