18 May, 2012

An Angers former inhabitant in the headlines of Us medias

Since a few days in France, a former Angers inhabitant has became famous. Valérie Trierweiler, whose family still lives in the Monplaisir , the northern district of the midwestern city is, since a few days on the national scene. And now on the Us stage because, as companion of François Hollande, the new French republic president, she pays visit to the White House. And nothing of what is related to the White House escape to the attention of Us medias.

Apparently, the conjugal status of Mrs Trierweiler is what intriguate the Us medias : "First lady without a portfolio (or a ring) seeks her own path" titled recently the New York Herald Tribune while Abc news writes "Protocol problem : France's new first lady is not married to the president". The main difference between France and the Us is, in the second country, nothing which touches politics is out the public domain.

The opinions of American newspapers are not unfavourable to Mrs Trierwieler. The New York Fashion points out she "buys her clothes from stores, like any normal person would". Some consider that she has temper : " French president's partner dubbed the new iron lady", according to Reuter what could signal a kind of cohabitation at the highest level in France (Credit picture www. Elysee.fr).

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