24 May, 2012

Angers politicians bid over Technicolor

Technicolor, already threatened of closing, didn't deserve such a pityfull show. While alarming indications come from various sides about the next end of the factory tv sets, politicians of all sides are showing up of letters warning government to act immediately. It's high time!

Credit picture Angers city
A few days ago, a Maine et Loire member of Parliament, Jean-Charles Taugourdeau - whose constituency does not include the factory - wrote a letter to the new minister in charge of industrial recovery. His initiative gave ideas to others who decided to imitate him. The president of Angers Loire Métropole and the Angers mayor, Jean-Claude Antonini and Frederic Beatse recently warned the government about the loss of an industrial asset for their province. That has infuriated the Conseil général president, Christophe Béchu, who bemoaned the fact that he had not been associated to the initiative. 

Hopefully, the adressee of these letters is not campaigning for reelection in the june legilative ballots. So these messages of distress could be read. While the first run of the elections is planned within 15 days, these kind of political bids are surely not due to chance. It's a sad consolation for the employees to see that their fate is helpful for politicians.

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