19 May, 2012

Rainy day for the daisies'ladies

It was an awful weather all Saturday long in Angers. As heavy rains dropped on the city, few people were in the streets and so in the stores. Even the few African pedlars always set up in front of the Mail gardens had even decided to pick up their items. Only a single "trader" nevertheless stayed on the pavement that gloomy afternoon. Immobile during hours, the most old and ancient pedlar of the Angers main street was in place.

At the corner of Alsace street and Foch boulevard, the old woman sells, for years, flowers for a few coins. Badly sheltered by umbrellas against the rain and the wind, she is snuggled up against a bakery which diffuses smells of cakes and a little heat. The woman's eyes are cloudy. She doesn't pay attention to the passer-by whose legs are the only movements of the monotonous movie she (maybe) distinguishes. 

Near her, there is a little bucket with two puny bouquets of daisies which looks as sad as their owner. The passer-by who buys one does more a charity than a purchase. A woman comes near her and give one euro. The old lady holds out a bouquet the "client" does not accept : "Keep it, you will sell it later", she says before crossing the streets, her mind probably sadler than the weather.

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