07 May, 2012

The statements of Angers representatives do not predict consensus for the years to come

The statements of Angers representatives after the outcome of the French presidential elections from the left and the right parties do not augur the appeased relationships the country may need to tackle its economic and financial difficulties. In spite of the legitimate happiness or sadness after the results, most of the Angers political personnalities of both sides reacted to the event in partisan terms. Some of them nevertheless analysed the consequences for France once the elction period will be over. 

The men of the right camp have their eyes already fastened on the next legislative elections seeking there an opportunity of a better balance between left and right. "It is necessary to stay watchful, the legislative elections are coming. They must allow us to recover". Hervé de Charette is already in the tactic : "What is important now, it's the legislative elections. An union of right and center must take place in every constituency". Marc Laffineur, minister, is the most political : "There is now a third ballot". Others, like Michel Piron, congressman, wishes "People will elect congressmen thinking to the collective effort there is to do". 

On the left side, some, like Jean-Claude Antonini, former Angers mayor, are lyrical : "The victory is a big hope. In the years to come, the youth will get more hope. Our country will evolve with more freedom. Decisions will be made up collectively". But he also the harshest, saying, "Nicolas Sarkozy was not up to the task ". According to Frédéric Beatse, his successor, the new president "has demonstrated its ability to develop projects" even if he has now to carry them out.

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