03 May, 2012

Angers inhabitants invited to shape their territory for the years to come

Angers city is, step by step, recovering the postponement of the cancellation, in 2009 by the administrative courts, of a major urban document dedicated to shape the face of its territory for the years to come. In order to prevent any risk of challenging that policy by environmental communities, on a legal or a political basis, the promotors of the urban local plan (Plu in French) will launch, from May 9th, a serie of meetings with Angers inhabitants in order to allow the emergence of the collective wishes. That meeting will take place in the Saint-John Lofts. 

The aim of the Plu is to guarantee the sustainable development of Angers and its suburbs, through the balance of homes and agricultural fields and natural places, the dynamism of the economic zones with an offer of collective transportation systems as well as road network. After a diagnostic of the situation, now comes to time for choices of which the consequences for the different parts of the territory will depend. The most concret step of the process will start from september because in every district of Angers with the inventory of all the expectations of their inhabitants.

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