20 May, 2012

The archives of Angers mystery are in the gardens'museums at night

In spite of, or because of, the rainy weather which prevailed (and still prevails) over the Angers area, the inhabitants didn't stayed avay from the openings of Angers public museums for the 8th European Night of Museums. That year, the public met a wise association of the collections of the Angers museums, the Saint-John Hospital, the Toussaint Gallery and the Fine-Arts Museum with classical and contemporary music but also the floodlightings of their gardens.

It was maybe in these deserted places that the charm of the event the most operated. In the Fine-Arts Museum gardens, hundreds of candles had been set up along the paths what gave to the place a mysterious and solemn aspect. In the Saint-John Hospital cloister, blue and green lights concealed in the architecture created in the square medicinal gardens the quiet and mystical atmosphere the patients hosted there before their recovery or their death met for hours, days, months or years...

What was the most surprising and encouraging caracteristic was the mix of all generations of visitors throughout the galleries. Its is possible that art needs to be accompanied with cultural packaging to catch the interest of people. After a travel in history and mystery, a night was necessary for them as a lock before their wake up in daily reality. 

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