14 May, 2012

The Angers tourism policy toward England on the runway

Is Angers an island? With the return of the tourism season, Angers Loire Airport resumes its business. In May, two lines open : one toward Nice, another toward London. After several months without regular flights, these openings are good news even if the true stake is their durability. That would not be the first time an attempt fails in establishing stable connections between Angers and others cities. 

The Angers Loire Métropole believes in the success of that new departure : " We want to display our ambition and our success model", says Jean-Claude Antonini, the president of the territorial authority, "These new lines will be an asset for our business and leisure tourism". The problem is, up to now, the content of Angers tourism policy was not very clear. It seems, through the opening of the connection toward London, the twinning with Austin, the choice of the Angers Loire Valley brand and the late Artaq festival clearly inspired by the US yarn bombing, there is a guiding line directed toward the conquest of an English speaking market. 

So the opening of a connection toward London looks more consistent than the line toward Nice (even with its famous Walkway of the English). It seems that the BA subsidiary, Cityflyer, which will operate the new destination from Angers, there is confidence, or at least, a will to develop the number of passengers (the one way ticket starts at 62 £). New settings of the little Angers airport will be deployed on time before the inaugural flight. It would be appropriate to hoist the Union Jack.

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