13 May, 2012

New elections, old faces

After the city has been covered by portraits of the candidates running for French presidency, other faces have replaced them for the next legislative ballots. Some new faces are appearing and other are still there. That's the case in two of the constituencies of Maine-et-Loire where candidates compete, one for his 5th mandate and another for his 6th mandate... in the French national assembly. In France, a congressman's mandate lasts six years. 

Crédit picture : National Assembly
It could be possible (but not sure) Angers electorate be weary and choice, in spite of political trends, new faces. There are seven constituencies in Maine-et-Loire (all, presently, won by men). Two congressmen were in their first mandate. Three have been elected in 2002. And two have been elected since more than twenty years. 

It has been said that the election of François Hollande at the French presidency was partially due to the simple desire of change of the electorate to have a new president. The defeat in the next ballots of these two proeminent figures would confirm that state of mind.

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