26 May, 2012

The availability of the Apple vice-president to the next Angers municipal elections reported

According to some informations published a few months ago by Angers Daily News, the preparatives of the municipal elections of 2014 were already on way. It was said that the left majority of town council was, at that time, looking to enlarge the list of its candidates in the next local ballots to new personalities. A news published that week by many French medias could confirm that perspective because they announced that Pascal Cagni, present vice-president of Apple for Europe, Middle East and Africa, would have resigned of his responsabilities in the Californian company. 

The economic magazine Challenges, and others medias, indicates that Mr Cagni, who joined Apple in 2000, "could involve himself in policy", the French media adding that "in 2002, the Apple France manager had unveiled his desire of a citizen involment". The Huffington Post, which made comments about his resignation from Apple, asks " did he choose to take benefit of his fame in order to attempt a completely different bet : policy, and, why not in Angers, his beloved city, at the next municipal elections?". Such an ally would be an important asset for the team candidate to Angers city council. 

Mr Cagni, who has considerably increased the sales of Apple in its perimeter, would certainly help Angers to reach a better aknowledgment at European, and maybe, American scale. That would coincide with the policy launched since a year in Angers in favor of stronger links with the English speaking countries. During the last week, Frédéric Beatse, welcoming pupils of an Austin primary school disclosed that one of its ambitions was to work about the acquisition, by Angers pupils, of better skills in foreign languages.

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