23 May, 2012

For the Angers riverside residents : "the movement it's right now"

If the weather is clement on Sunday, the 3rd edition of the event "All Angers moves" could open to sportsmen, sportwomen and families the core of Angers city and, of course, the "banks" of the Maine river. By giving back that part of the town till now totally dedicated to the car traffic, this popular gathering is designed to make non reversible the New banks project in the minds of Angers inhabitants whatever be its cost.

Credit picture Angers city
That could not be impossible. Public has started to realize that the Maine river and its banks were assets in the development of tourism as well as consistency and cohesion of their city. The two banks of that one were till now more separated from each other by the express way than by the river (in fact, once in the express way, the pedestrians can't see the river). Recently a boat race took place on the Maine what demonstrates that, few by few, the river is catching the interest of the riverside resident.

With "All Angers moves", the people should also realize that the face of their city is completely different when activity is organized on Sundays compared to the rest of the year when streets, squares and gardens are deserted and when shops have their iron curtains lowered. So, it could be very useful and profitable that, on such an aspect Angers could move in its mind till now officialy opposed to the openings of stores during Sundays. In the end, it will not have escaped to people that urban "trail" is an English word...

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