08 May, 2012

Through a new congress center, Angers unveils big ambitions in business tourism

The wide and empty space between the Le Quai theatre and the Front de Maine buildings could be the symbol of the present situation of the Angers tourism policy : an opportunity to seize. The field was, nearly twenty years ago, chosen to host the new "préfecture de Maine-et-Loire". But the project was never realized because, the French public finances, already at that time, was in bad conditions. It was said that an hotel could be erected there but no company answered yes. 

Credit picture Angers city
Angers town council has recently nominated four architects to devise plans of a new congress center with an hotal and is due to choose the laureat in 2013. That initiative of the city is appropriate but raise questions about the capacity of local finances to support the costs of the scheme. Undoudtedly, those buildings could fit perfectly with the long term Maine banks reconquest which could finally have a double finality : the former one, the reunification of the city around its river and a new one, the attractiveness of the city for tourists. 

Since more than a year, the city has decided to think to a new policy of tourism which is considered as an full-fledged economic activity. The brand "Angers Loire Valley" and recently the twinning with Austin, the state capital of Texas are indications of the ambition of the city in that fleld. The mayor, Frédéric Beatse, didn't hidden the city ambitions. 

" That new equipment will allow us to develop a center of excellence in business tourism. The financial fallout are estimated at about 50 millions euros per year and are essential for our economy and employment. Our goal is double them", he said. That could make necessary more flexibility in the Angers vision regarding the no working days.

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