25 May, 2012

A mysterious jewels claim on the official Angers city website

Is Angers renewing with its English past? A very unusual page was published on Friday on the official website of Angers city. A petition demanding the return of the jewels of the British crown in compensation of an horrible crime of state. In 1499, Henry VII Tudor, new king of England, ordered the beheading of Edwuard Plantagenet, the last descendant of the Anjou male line who had reigned on England since 1154, a kingdom Anjou was part. 

Imprisoned at the age of 10, Edward was the last legitimate heir of the English crown and murdered for that reason. The authors of the petition consider themselves as the legitimate heir of Edouard Plantagenet and claim, because of the murder of their "ancestor", a right to a compensation. It is doubtful the British government will accept the demand. So what could be the real aim of such an idea? 

Since a few months, Angers city attempts to create links with the English speaking countries through music and education with the Texas city of Austin and the Saint-Edward University, but also through the next opening of an aerial line between Angers and London. The idea about the return of the jewels of the crown could stimulate a buzz about the city, which tries to enhance its tourisme business. The fame of the city could be more "gliterring".

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