30 April, 2012

With chatters and a new mediator the new mayors expects to demonstrate he is in charge

Frédéric Beatse, successor of Jean-Claude Antonini as Angers mayor, resumes the chatter his predecessor took part in till his resignation. The next virtual meeting with Mr Beatse will take place on May 14th. Usually that chatter was planned every two months and the last one was realized at the beginning of November. After the latest nomination of a mediator, the mayor indicates he expects to take over.

The waiting time since the last edition could be purely a chance, but it gives the new mayor the opportunity to distance himself with Mr. Antonini. But the period is important : May 14th is just between the French presidential and legislative elections and could be an opportunity for the mayor to guide the choices of the Angers voters for the next ballot which at least one of his deputy mayor will stand for.

Credit pictures Angers city
The period is also important because of the economic and financial difficulties noticed in Angers. Technicolor, the jewel of the industrialization of the city in the 50's could disappear and if that event occurs, it will surely leave its mark in the inhabitants opinion. That depressed economic climate could also damage the finances of the city when that one is embarking on important urban projects which will need money. These chatters are therefore an important element for Mr Beatse to settle in the opinion as the right person after 2014, municipal election year.

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  1. After 21 years, revisited Angers with my son Herve Albert Jean - Jacques, Sechelles Seychelles Father and Mauritian mother, born in Angers 2/1/1991, 15 days later the 1st Gulf war started. The arrangement with President F Mitterrand Office and British PM John Major, he was to be born, live and educated in Angers. Instead he has been living in Ashford Kent the past 21 years, went to Pluckley village school and Knatch Bull Grammer school. He had also wanted to study medecine - did not have suficient grade. The significant benefits all the inhabitants of Angers has recieved because of his birth there - specially the important influex of the British, because they know the issues link. The very many important development in Angers like in Ashford - Kent as a reason.