30 May, 2012

The inaugural flight London-Angers points out the need of a tourism offer for English passengers

The aerial link between Angers and London opened on Tuesday with the landing at the airport of Marcé of an Embraer. Thirty three passengers were on board while the capacity of the aircraft reaches the double. If every responsible in Angers wishes the success of the line, this one is not yet achieved. And, in the next departure to London, only six passengers were on board... 

Credit Picture BA CityFlyer
But, that inauguration day brought some useful informations to the development of the line. First, at the arrival at Angers Marcé, if the English travellers were warmly welcomed, an essential element lacked : a connection by bus to Angers! "Elementary!", would have said Sherlock Holmes. Another element, basic to the understanding of the travellers, are the prices. After an experience on the website, the official price, 78 euros, is not always the one which has to be paid. 

Angers Loire Metropole thinks the London Olympic Games could be helpful. If that is possible, the event will not last after July, so Angers city will be advised to build an offer larger than the flight prices to attract English tourists. The absence of a bus between Angers and Marcé is an indication of what is to devise... The running of the new line is planned for six month. There is no time to waste. And "Time is money"

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