05 May, 2012

The Saint-Martin Institution, still young at fifty

One of the "institutions" of Angers in the field of education celebrated on May 5th its fifty anniversary. The Saint-Martin institution, elementary school, college and lycée, hosted in the lycéeyard located on Foch boulevard its former pupils and their parents, some of them former pupils too. "I am always astonished to see the position some of our fellow students have got after their studies here", says a former corporate manager, now retired. Saint-Martin institution trained many persons having now a leading position in the city and beyond.

A lot of class pictures dating from the sixties were displayed on the walls of the covered playground among press coverages on the different activities of the institution : winter or summer camps in France or in Europe, departures and nominations at the head of Saint-Martin. Serveral barnums were set up in the courtyard where parents, all a little bit older, welcomed others families whose chidren are or were pupils there. That return to school met the return with their own youth.

The pictures on the wall reveal the changes of the Angers society since fifty years and it would have been interesting to point out that. Under a large barnum, tables were set up for a dinner between parents of former or present pupils and former or present teachers. The place under the grey sky which reigns over Angers and its inhabitants' mind since a month didn't fade the lively aspects of the place, still young at fifty years old.

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