28 May, 2012

The Solidarity Day, not yet solid in Angers

Under a sunny weather, many Angers inhabitants prefered Monday to stay home, for gardening or walk throughout the green landscapes of the surroundings cooled by the Maine. That would not be surprising if that day, the Pentecost, was in fact dedicated in 2004 to finance the solidarity between French. That initiative was triggered by a tragic event : the death of about 15 000 elder persons in France during the 2003 heatwave.

Apparently, Angers inhabitants don't have that memory. In Angers down town, except the Nouvelles-Galeries, Tati and the Fnac, no chains were opened. In the retail stores, no consistency was visible : some garment stores were running, others not. And all the administrations, the town hall ou public services like the post office were closed. So most of the companies subjected to the special tax allowing to finance that specific solidarity toward elder persons will have to foot the bill without any counterparts in terms of work by their employees.

Angers, which proclaims its solidarity toward many people and many causes, as many other French cities, even to set up soon a "city of solidarity" in 2013, should submit itself in a self-ewamination. it would not be suprisinf that, once opened, the city of solidarity is closed for the Solidarity day.

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