04 May, 2012

Angers cyclists on central square next May 12th

Angers municipal council will organize on May 12th a day for the promotion of the use of bike in town. Obviously that kind of transportation has became popular among inhabitants but the construction or the laying out of lanes only dedicated to bikers is necessary simply because bikers are more vulnerable than drivers. Some of others developments in the streets are dangerous as the pavements slightly higher than the streets (picture).

Most of the cyclists in Angers complain about the behavior of drivers of cars - or buses - who don't give them the space they need to travel. If some drivers run close to the pavements, others park their vehicule on cyclable lanes even in the opposite direction. They do that because most of the time they never use bike themselves. 

The best way to enhance the position of bicycles in Angers is to make them, in time of travel, more efficient than cars on routes people cover every day for school, office or shopping. The bikers are not themselves always respectful of pedestrians in town. So an effort has to be made first in minds. First of all a bicycle day organized by the city should lead the city to dedicate to the only bikers the use of the Angers streets that day. (Picture Angers city)

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