17 May, 2012

The Technicolor employees express their anger in English

While Angers officials think to the economic future of the city - the cultural sector, the environment field and also the electronic industry - a famous brand is dying. Technicolor, formerly known as Thomson, a tv sets manufacture which employed more than 3 000 persons more than two decades ago, gives very sad prospects to its workers. They made public their anxiety and anger in a placard set up on the fences of the company site, located on Birgé boulevard. 

"Yes we Cannes destroy", they wrote. It's a double allusion to the catch-phrase of Barack Obama during its electoral campaign in 2008 for the Us presidency and to the present international films festival of Cannes because Technicolor produces technologies for the films industry. The Technicolor employees look to have written in English that warning as if they were convinced to be ignored by the French authorities...

By a curious coincidence, the same week, the new French government appointed a minister of productive recovery. That one should come soon in Angers because there, events could accelerate. The next placard could be "Save our souls".

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