03 May, 2012

Jersey recruits tourists in Angers

Is Jersey Island inspiring Angers inhabitants? The office of tourism of that Channel island has recently launched a campaign in town to attract tourists along the Foch boulevard, the main street of the city. In fact, the tiny UK territory is at about 230 kms from Angers.

Indirectly, Angers and Jersey have an historical connection. The Edit de Nantes, the royal measure decided by king Henry 4th in 1598, was drawn up in Angers; When that law was canceled by Louis XIV, the French protestants, the Huguenots from the Loire Valley decided to leave their kingdom and settled in Jersey.

The problem (for French) is Jersey has not choosen the euro and the change is not favourable to continental. Another English destination is competing with Jersey, the London city itself  from the end of May. So the Angers inhabitants could prefer a visit in the core of England than in a Channel island even if all French influence has vanished since a long time.

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