09 May, 2012

English spoken in Angers municipal meetings

It's surely an anecdote and not a news but, in a public meeting dedicated to the start of a study on the urbanistic face of Angers in the 15 years to come, the presence of English words was a surprise. The city looks, subconsciously, attracted by English vocabulary and universe. On a document distributed to the participants gathered on May 9th at the Greniers Saint-Jean the famous English red telephone booth located in down town was visible. It illustrated a title about the "Angers Loire Valley" attractiveness...

But that presence of English was not unique. During a little video displaying the goals and constraints of the urbanistic local plan, the audience had heard a female voice saying (in English) "Angers is my favourite place. It's really what you call "La vie en grand" (Live large)" with the traditional accent. Well known in Angers, "My favourite place" is a tea room located in L'Espine street where "English (is only) spoken".

The voice made also an allusion to the next shortening of the distance London-Angers thanks to a new flight due to open between the tow cities at the end of that month. With the "yarn bombing" (an American set phrase) used during the present Artaq Festival, the city heads toward closer references to English world.

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