16 October, 2011

The tricolour flag exposes itself on october... 15

The fact is unusual in the Angers streets when it's not a legal holiday. On october 15th, a red, white and blue French flag flied smoothly in the front window of the Serge Blanco store, in Saint-Laud street. A few meters lower than the My favourite place tea shop (full that afternoon), the sportswear store celebrated the (small) victory of France over Wales in the semi-final rugby world cup. 

In England, and particularly in USA, the presence of the Union Jack or The Star Spangled Banner, is much more frequent and not only on front sides of buildings or at the top of monuments. In a city representational of France, the tricolor flag is not as visible as in the countries above. Its presence in the street made a colourful point in a busy place where by-passers and customers were taking advantages of the last rays of sunlight. 

It was also an clever way to attract consumers toward rugby-styled garnments which will be at the credit of France for the days to come. Within a week, France will face to (probably) New-Zeland for the final rugby world cup. And if all goes well, the Serge Blanco flag will not be "all black".

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