14 October, 2011

Real restate : scheming schemes in Angers

An observation common to many inhabitants is the pace of construction of buildings and the number of projects in Angers city. On october 10th, townhall showed a new district which will take place with hotel, housing, stores and appartments, all near the Saint-Laud railways station. The following day, the Angers representatives announced their intention to build a new congress center. 

Regarding these two schemes, the city want to go fast : "I want the Congress center started in 2012 and opened in 2016", said Jean-Claude Antonini, mayor.

 Regarding the future Gare + district, the works will start next year. The reconquest of Maine banks and more than 2 500 new homes per year during ten years are some of a "bulimia" of buildings in Angers.

Many observers, professional or not, are puzzled in front of such projects. And the strategy of townhall looks unclear. It is like a bet on the growing difficulties of housing (in Paris for example) the employees will face to find a home not too expensive and not too far from their jobs. Maybe the Angers townhall thinks the enterprises will come in the region because there is housing capacities in Angers. 

From a cultural point of view, the public authority wants to wake up the city too often compared to a lethargic place and even victim of the sweet life praised a long time ago by Joachim du Bellay, a symbol still vivid in minds. Instead of turning its back to the globalization time, Angers want to dive in it, convinced there is no other choice.

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