02 October, 2011

Sun without sums ?

In a little royal style, the mayor of Angers granted to his subjects the possibility to take a drink on the open air terraces of cafes during that unusual lenthening of summer. "I wish the Angers inhabitants may benefit of their downtown while summer is still there", said Jean-Claude Antonini on the website of the townhall.

The measure is appropriate because the weather was quite disappointing during july and august in Angers (as elsewhere) and has been surely welcomed by the restaurants and cafes owners throughout the center district. Already weakened by almost three and a half years of work for the trolley line, most of the restaurant and cafe owners along the tracks desperately needed a profitable end of summer season. It would have been unfair to deprive the storekeepers and the consumers of pleasure... and receipts.

In fact, a part of these are destinated to cityhall, and a part of this part comes from the terraces. These equipments, when they are located in the public domain (pavements, squares, gardens), are not free. The store owners have to pay a tax for them (and their amount could increase because of the ranking of Angers in the touristic cities category) in the future.

Presently Angers city, like many others, is eager to get money in order to balance its budget. Maybe the taxes on terraces are cheap (a few euros per square meter?) in Angers, but at least they were additionnal sun... and sums.

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