22 October, 2011

In Angers, the "gold old days" are coming back

Indication of gold as a safe value, new stores dedicated to the purchases of that precious metal are now operating in Angers. One is located on Alsace street and the other in Toussaint street. The Comptoir national de l'or and the Comptoir d'achat d'or et d'argent are companies dedicated to the trade of gold and other precious metals with private individuals or professionnals. During times of economic difficulties, gold has always been more searched out.

When some families experience difficulties, there is no other choice to sell their own goods and gold is presently the most valuable of them. The quantities bought out are often melted for others uses than jewellery or dentures because the world production of gold is fifty less important than the quantities private individuals own. But, apart the economic question, the selling of family gold may lead to the disappearance of ancient jewelleries, and so, the disapperance of artistic signs of the past.

The front sides of these two stores are far from sparkling maybe because, what is differentiating them from jewellery shops is people are coming in to sell and not to buy. 

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