04 October, 2011

The Cancerology West Institute of Angers let the mayor speak about his own cancer

The walls of the ground floor in the West Institute of Cancerology, formerly Paul Papin center, located in Angers are covered by pictures of former patients, each of them letting a message for the next sick persons having to come for care. The faces are often smiling and the words delivered are a hope for those who read them for the first time. Among the patients who have been cured here, one is well known of the Angers inhabitants, because its the mayor of the city, Jean-Claude Antonini himself.

The mayor of Angers, who was cured for a lung cancer at the beginning of 2011 when he was 71, is smiling like the others patients and points out he was a general practionner before entering in politics, so well aware of the nature of his own illness. His face is beardless (coincidentally (?), he wore beard during all the works of the trolley) and his look is the one the Angers inhabitants are familiar with. 

The lesson it could be possible to extract from such an experience is "transparency" (his own word) about cancer like a way to lighten the burden of anxiety and pain. Fortunately, the mayor came through and was able to return to his responsabilities. He remembers this transparency gave him a lot of friends and the comfort of his "Angers family".

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