27 October, 2011

Angers wants to welcome the influx of inmigrants fittingly and demands solidarity

Several political representatives of Angers Loire Métropole and persons in charge of caritative communities in this region wrote a letter to the prefects of Maine et Loire and Pays de la Loire to raise the alarm regarding the arrival of asylum seekers in Angers and surroundings. "We wish to alert the authorities about the overcrowding of all the structures due to the uninterrupted arrival of men, women and children", they say. The phenomenon is not new. During the winter 2010-2011, many communities in charge of the welcome of inmigrants in Angers sounded the alarm because their staffs were yet overburdened and their material resources (including food) unsufficient. 

In their letter, these representatives do not demand the end of these arrivals but new resources allowing them to continue the welcome of these (most of the time) East African populations. "Because we want to welcome fittingly... we reassert the necessity to link housing and social attendant measures and to have the necessary resources". And the signatories to demand the "solidarity of the department, the region and the state" pointing out the risk of triggering in Angers "an explosive situation" due to the presence of an increasing number of individuals victims of the economic crisis "homeless and roaming people".

Even if the political representatives and staffs of associations warn about the fact "the limits of [their] work has been reached because of the concentration of the answers on our territory", such a letter will have no effect on immigrants and even less on the rings which drive them to Angers. The "solidarity" they should demand is the monitoring of these people before their entrance in France instead of resources to help them once they are arrived because the influx will be endless. A few weeks ago, the Council for the citizenship of Angevins foreigners claimed that "diversity is a wealth", maybe on the long run, but in short-run it's new costs Angers doesn't know how to pay.

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