19 October, 2011

Saint-Serge district becomes studious from dawn to nightfall

In spite of their classes all day long and the homework the have to do at night, students attend regularly special tuitions delivered by private companies in Angers. Many companies appeared in the city and, among them, Completude, Acadomia or KeepSchool which teach to primary and secondary school pupils or students of different universitarian fields. 

Apparently these schools meet an important success due to the evolution of the French educational system often criticized by "consumers" and teachers and because of the very difficult selection process students face at the end of the first year of their studies. At 7.30 pm on the Defi classes on Ayrault boulevard a lot of students were working with a teacher as young as they are.

Located in Saint-Serge square, these classes give to the district a student touch. Universities of law and medecine are not far and an student residence has been erected on the same place. Students are coming and going in the square from dawn to nightfall. With the project of a new congress center near the Le Quai theater, it is said that the present congress center could leave room for another university. the Saint-Serge district hasn't yet finished to change.

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