09 October, 2011

From a crack to a fracture in townhall majority coalition

The crack in the unity inside the majority of  the Angers town council is now a compound fracture. After she was reframed by the mayor of Angers, Jean-Claude Antonini, last week for an anouncement judged wrong about the free access of the La Rochefoucauld parking lot (see a former article "Crack in townhall on La Rochefoucauld parking lot" in this blog), Bernardette Caillard-Humeau has been deprived of the powers she had up to october 7th : the streets, the traffic and the mobility.

 That decision may have two consequences : first the start of a process aiming at the succession of Mr Antonini who could resign before the official end of his office and give way to his political heir, even if that man - or that woman - is not  yet known. If Mrs Caillard-Humeau had planned to be that person, she was wrong and the La Rochefoucault case would have only been an excuse. 

The mayor and his former deputy-mayor (Credit Angers city)
But the second consequence could be more important and could even be a backlash for the present majority if Mrs Caillard-Humeau and her supports join the minority lead by Laurent Gérault. If this new coalition is formed, the next local polls for Mr Antonini's heirs would be more dificult than the previous, yet won with a small margin.

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