23 October, 2011

A new arrival at the Angers hospital considered as attacked "below" the belt

Yann Bubien
The new manager of the University Hospital Center (Chu), Yann Bubien, appointed on mid october by the Health ministry may not understand the inflamed debate that he is at the core. This young civil servant till now assistant of Roselyne Bachelot, ministry of Health, saw his appointment violently criticized last wednesday by Luc Belot, secretary of the Socialist Party for Angers, deputy mayor in charge of early childhood, education and computing.

Luc Belot
According to Mr Belot, "Friends of Nicolas Sarkozy are imported in Angers... The Angers right party intends a takeover bid on the Chu before the next ballots. Rather than to take a new look at itself, [the right party] choose to bolt all the key positions by appointing its close friends". But, Mr. Belot doesn't explain how Mr Bubien could, from the head of the hospital, stop the "profound urge of change among voters"... Paul Jeanneteau, right member of Parliament, former deputy of Roselyne Bachelot, got angry, considering such a "diatribe" "is relevant to systematic denigration of persons". 

Paul Jeanneteau
 Mr Belot, till now quite low profile, is, since a few months, considered among the possible candidates of Jean-Claude Antonini, mayor of Angers,who could resign before the end of his office (2014) with Frédéric Beatse and Jean-Luc Rotureau, themselves deputies-mayor. So it is not impossible that, with this attack against the new arrival, Mr Belot aims, in fact, to get a licence of left "right-thinking".  

Pictures Credit : Angers Chu, Angers city, National Assembly

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