06 October, 2011

The issues 1 and 33 of Metropole Le Magazine do a complex number

 In communication, is Angers Loire Métropole goes all out or does it derail? The inhabitants received in their letterbox recently the magazine simply denominated Métropole published by the local authority. Its front page indicates number 33 october-november-december 2011. But at the same time, dozens of advertising spaces in Angers annouced the number one of... Métropole published in october 2011 : "The news in large : october 3rd, the new magazine gives you rendez-vous order to meet you". What to believe?

Some of the contents of the publication and the poster are the same : "Ideas ahead of time" as well as "News of towns". These overabundant publications is the result of a visible will to accelerate the fame of the city and to enhance the self-confidence of the inhabitants. That's good but, take care with the risk of an over self-confidence which could become pride.
This is linked with another advertising campaign of Angers Loire Valley all over its territory : "Proud to be Angevins". But what is the target : the people who yet live in Angers or those who don't... presently? Of course, the inhabitants must be convinced of the assets of their city in order to promote it outside, but will it be sufficient?

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