13 October, 2011

The Angers Municipal Institute will deliver conferences in English

A few months after the publication, in English, of two flyers dedicated to the stories of the Saint-John's Hospital and the Barrault mansion, the city of Angers is going into conferences delivered at the Municipal Institute, in English. The speaker will be Roy Fuller, a professor of the Western Catholic University. Mr Fuller will intervene between december and april on the "Early British History". The choice of English appears to be an originality and may a first in the range of conferences offered by the institute.

Hastings (Credit Wikipedia)
This cycle of four conferences is suitable for persons "of all ages (?) having a medium or higher level in English", warns (in French) the authority and will deal with the history of England from the Ice Age to the Norman conquest and by the way Stonehenge, the arrival of Christianity....

Many other conferences could be delivered in English because the teaching of that language is an old story at the Municipal institute : the first classes were delivered in 1879. And one of his former manager, Michel Leterme, an Anglicist, suggested the twinning of Angers with Wigan. It could be useful to enlarge the English spoken conferences to contemporary issues. That could help to bring cultures together and improve the vocabulary of the members.

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