18 October, 2011

Bike speeds things up in Angers

The use of bike could be in appreciable increase in Angers Loire Métropole. According to the managers of the Decathlon superstore of Les Ponts de Cé, the last Trocathlon edition, which took place from the 15th to the 23rd october woulhd have been caracterized by an important barter regarding bikes. On 17th october, the store had no second-hand bikes to sell. The reasons to such a passion are, for some of them, local and , for others, common to France as a whole.

On a local level, Angers city realizes an important promotion of that mean of transport. More and more public bikes are rented (mostly to students) for free while others are paying (beyond understanding) for people coming in the city for leisure or work. At the same time, Angers has built and still plans numerous cyclable lanes (83 km long) and more than 1 200 cycle racks all over the city have been fit up. Of course, the set may be improved but the aid is unquestionable.

Credit Angers city
In order to promote the use of bike in town, groundbreaking solutions could be implemented. One of these would be to prohibit the use of cars in an area larger than the pedestrian downtown, and during all the weekends long. That would be make the involvment of the city, which will soon introduce a climate plan, in the sustainable development.

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