10 October, 2011

La Rochefoucauld : a risky parking lot

News analysis. - The idea of Bernadette Caillard-Humeau, former deputy-mayor of Angers and now simple assistant, to make the La Rochefoucauld parking lot coin-operated instead of free, could not let the mayor, Jean-Claude Antonini, indifferent. The place is distant from the first employer of the city, the University Hospital Center (Chu), from two hundreds meters. The Chu employs about 4 900 persons and 1 000 praticioners. Probably a part of them park their car in the La Rochefoucauld facility, for free. 

It could be obviously difficult for these persons, without consequences on their productivity in the hospital and above all the safety of their patients, to put coins in the ticket machines of the parking lot several times a day, especially when they are assigned in an emergency unit. Such an evolution would have, certainly, lead the hospital employees to complain to their employer, whose chairman is... the mayor of Angers, Jean-Claude Antonini, himself patient of the hospital a few months ago and happy with the cares he received there.

The dangers of such a risky conflict were not only actual for the persons under treatment in the hospital, they could have been damaging for Mr. Antonini's team in townhall (even if, the La Rochefoucauld parking lot fitting deserves to be reconsidered). Maybe Mrs Caillard-Humeau is wounded, but the self-esteem wounds are curable. The mayor knows it, he was general practicioner...

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