17 October, 2011

The interference of mayors on sunday superstore opening doesn't convince customers

In spite of the critics expressed on october 14th by the representatives of Angers Loire Métropole, i.e. the mayors of the towns members of that authority, on the next sunday morning, the parking lot of the Leclerc superstore of Saint-Jean-de-Linières was rather occupied. If Jean-Claude Antonini and his colleages have an opinion about the effects of the sunday opening of stores, the consumers have their own they expressed with their cars and their wallets. 

All the shops of the commercial gallery ot the Leclerc were closed so the customers, and in among them many young families, could only buy food products. At the same time, the open-air market of Monplaisir was certainly crowded and, because of its size, looks like a giant superstore by itself and is free from critics coming from local authorities.

If Angers and its surroundings benefited of a mild and sunny weather, the families apparently considers nobody is entitled to say them what it'good or bad for them and what they have to do. And if many persons support Mr Antonini's opinion, others think he has no right to infere in such a matter. Should people unique responsible to decide how to sped their free time, especially since the reduction of working time which does Angers inhabitants have time to spend a money they haven't?

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