26 October, 2011

Crisis : the Angers Council for development focuses on its consequences instead of its origins

"The Council for development must reconsider everything". That's one of the conclusions 400 persons heard from the chairman of this authority gathered for its 10th anniversary on october 17th. That would be useful regarding the challenges Angers Loire Métropole's inhabitants face since the economic crisis erupted in 2008. The council, constituted by representatives of the "civil society", published last month a survey entitled "Economic crisis. Endure and anticipate on Angevin territory". So the document could faithfully reflect the worries of the Angers inhabitants in front of the crisis and the medecines to overcome it.

Probably because the unemployment is legitimetaly the main worry of the population, the Council for development  only considers the crisis from the angle of the unemployment. This shows goodwill but only focuses on the consequences of the crisis instead of its origins : the slow of the economic growth. Where it would be necessary to explore the means to accelerate growth, the belief of the Council is the ability of the public sector to help the region to overcome its unemployment. "Only education, health and social activity still generates jobs", write the Council, forgetting these are financed by the private sector.

 Regarding the medecines the authority advises, all of them reflect a series of cliches and even naiveties like the establishment of a "Week of economic solidarity" and the signature of a "civic pact" (no defined). The Council is worried only about the future of the services sector but not pay attention to industry which feeds the tertiairy sector. One idea reflects the fact the inquiry of the Council only considered not the roots of the economic crisis but its secondary aspects : if "the access to nurseries during the working time" is an easiness (even if the authority doesn't look about the way the nurses are going to take care of their own children), it's nevertheless necessary to have a job. The fine sentiments of the Council could be the most worrying aspect of the ability of Angers Loire Métropole to solve its difficulties.

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