20 October, 2011

Sunday mournings in Angers

 The call of the mayors of Angers Loire Métropole regarding the respect of sunday as a no working day has not been heard. The chaiman of System U, Serge Papin, announced on october 18th in Saint-Barthélémy d'Anjou, near Angers, that the stores of his brand will, from now on, open on sunday morning. "According to the law, every food store may open on sunday morning. In Angers, an agreement about the no-opening of stores was broken off", said Mr Papin adding "We are not going to let somedy to suck up the market. We had to react", after the E. Leclerc store of Saint-Jean-de-Linières had decided to open on sunday morning.

This is may be a turning point in local trade uses because, in spite of protests coming from officials or associations, Angers customers already came in superstores even on public day (Armistice Day on november 11th). So the point of view the mayor expressed (the opening of stores on sunday morning is not a expectation of the inhabitants) could not be agreed.

But this situation points out a change in the habits of inhabitants with time. Some of them complains the city is deserted on sunday because stores are closed. The change is tangible as soon as Christmas animations are set up in the streets. People are enjoying and store owners too. For others, sunday morning will be mourned.

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