02 October, 2011

The critics against the opening of stores on sunday in Angers are a flexible geometry

The opening of stores on sunday continues to fuel protests from the ecological movement in Angers. It was the case with the accessibility to customers of the Leclerc superstore, at Saint-Jean-de-Linières, every sunday since the beginning of september. After the critic from Jean-Claude Antonini, the mayor of Angers, it's the turn of the "Europe écologie les verts" to harshly criticize the decision of the superstore, considering the case as a "intolerable social drawing back".

If the opposition to such commercial activity is acceptable (even when the economy is badly damaged and need more flexibility to fuel growth and jobs), the stance of "Europe écologie les verts" is a flexible doctrine... At the same time, and in the same website, Angers Maville, another news describes the opening, all the weekend long, of the fair of biological food, an economical activity praised by the ecologists, at the center of exhibitions of Angers....
The biological food exhibition on sunday was never criticized by the "Europe écologie les verts", nor by the mayor of Angers who even, rent its center for the fair, making compulsory for people to work on sunday.

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