03 October, 2011

Crack in townhall on La Rochefoucauld parking lot

Two recent issues, one politician and another urbanistic, were recently interlaced in the news of Angers : the free parking lot of La Rochefoucauld square and the reframing of the deputy mayor Bernadette Caillard-Humeau, by the mayor himself, Jean-Claude Antonini. A few days ago, the first announced that place could become not free in 2012 and a few hours later, she was refuted by her ally. 

Free or not, the La Rochefoucauld square is one of the ugliest place of Angers. Rounded by hundred-years-old plane trees, this giant square is invaded by cars all year long except during the Saint-Martin fair. The economical logic would be to end with its free in order to increase the number of the trolley's travellers. But many persons in Angers don't use the line and probably they are fed up to pay for everything. Some of them work in the hospital nearby which is the first employer of the town and a tank of votes.

A few years ago, the mayor of Angers dismissed one of his deputy mayor (Hervé Carré) after he expressed an opinion different of the one of the mayor. Mrs Caillard-Humeau could be advised to remember that fact unless she is thinking about the future local polls, but it's not sure her idea will be very popular.

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