25 October, 2011

A recent survey on revenues in Angers demonstrates the homogeneity of the inhabitants

An unexpected observation of a survey realized by the Agence d'urbanisme de la région angevine is that "between 2001 and 2008, the [monthly median revenue] in Angers Loire Métropole [Alm] has increased by 3,1% per year" during seven years. More surprising, another belief widespread over the city (the Angers inhabitants earn less than the French), is contradicted : "The monthly median revenue declared by inhabitants of the Angers agglomeration (1 518 €) is comparable to the revenue of the whole French households (1 511 €)". 

 In comparison with datas of Loire Valley cities having a similar size, the increase in Angers is higher than Tours or Orléans but the amount ot the monthly median revenue is more important in these towns. The survey also lets the reader glimpse that if, in Angers, the gap between the lowest and the highest revenues is widening (as in France), the trend is neverthess reduced in comparison with Nantes, Orléans, Tours and above all Le Mans. Only Saint-Nazaire is more homogeneous over the 2001-2008 period. The study recalls that about 45% of the Angers inhabitants do not pay income tax.
If the survey doesn't bring something new about the distribution of poor and wealthy cities in Alm, it points out an important difference of revenue between owners and leaseholders. In Angers Loire Métropole, the monthly median revenue of owners of their homes is 1 865 € against 1 365 € for leaseholders and 978 € for leaseholders in social housing. This should stimulate some of these people not to stay leaseholders all their lifetime. In the long term, it is not inevitably the most effective way to save money.

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