30 October, 2011

The left wing of Angers continues criticizing the opening of superstores on sunday mornings

The future Atoll commercial center due to open in 2012
After the mayors of cities and villages members of Angers Loire Métropole and the political movement Europe Ecologie Les Verts, it was to the left group's turn at the Conseil général of Maine et Loire to criticize the opening of food superstores on Sunday mornings. These responsibles did so through to Jean-Luc Rotureau's voice, deputy-mayor of Angers, who upheld that "the opening of superstores on sundays endangers the food retail stores and makes compulsory to employees to work during that specific day of the week, dedicated to rest and family life". Mr Rotureau added that the accessibility to the superstores on sundays "didn't match any vital need of the population".

Crédit pictures : Angers city
Many of these food retailers have, unfortunately, already disappeared from the different districts of Angers and those who were able to resist must, most of the time, be opened practically days and nights all year long. These kinds of stores were already the target of a fierce competition from superstores. Many of the retailers of Angers center are complaining of the difficult access for cars downtown and those of Avrillé are afraid of the escape of their customers to Angers thanks the tramway. And, within a few months, a giant center (Atoll) will open in Beaucouzé.

Regarding the weekly rest of employees, which is a "vital need", the opening of stores on Sunday mornings, even in Angers down town, could interest students eager to earn money freeing time for the "family life" of traditionnal employees. Unfortunately, the "family life" in France (as in many countries) has been weakened along the last decades. And nothing, in the economic circumstances France will face next year, allows to foresee that the families' finances will be reinforced. In a consumption society, what is able to fuel economic growth and jobs must be considered. The social parameters are important but not the only ones. But, what do the representatives of the right think?

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