07 October, 2011

Three Angevins want the Pignerolle's bunkers resist to neglect

A team of three Angevins wants to revive ten bunkers erected by the German army at Pignerolles park, in a neighbouring city of Angers : Saint-Barthélémy d'Anjou. The three men, Steve Doizy, Michel Letertre and Christophe Marquet "hope to promote the historical heritage constituted by the bunkers", indicates the website of their association "Memorial of the bunkers of Pignerolles".

An anti-atomic shelter built for the general de Gaulle but almost the former bunker of the admiral Dönitz where the communications center between his headquater and the u-boot submarines was located, deserve to be restored. In order to realize their projects, contacts have been taken with some of the main representatives of Maine et Loire who, for some of them, think it would be foreseable to imagine in the place a memorial corresponding to the one of Caen where classrooms of Angers and surroundings could be taught about the second world war. 

According to the promoters of the idea, "Pignerolles constitutes a place of privilegied evocation of crucial and painful period of the Angers, French and European history, that numerous witnesses can et wish to recall". 

Credit pictures "Memorial of the bunkers of Pignerolles"

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