12 October, 2011

Abstract words of welcome

Angers city seems eager to integrate its new duties in language in the same way of its brand "Angers Loire Valley". On october 8th, a gathering of foreign inhabitants was set up at the initiative of the Council for the citizenship of angevins foreigners. That organization was created by townhall in order to be "a place of expression, dialogue, listening between the municipal team and foreigners" along with "an instance of consulting, driver of proposals and actions regarding all issues which impact foreign residents in the city".

Credit Angers city and Angers Municipal Institute
In order to inform people about that meeting, a flyer was published in several languages, one of whom was English. Unfortunately, the editorial article of the document, written by the mayor, which, in simple words, explains what the Council is, wasn't translated. So the foreign readers had to cope with series of abbreviations and abstract words like "harsh social context", "local networks" or others "possible levels" all very difficult to understand especially by those coming from developping countries.

In fact, even with open-minded persons, local authorities seems a little bit reluctant to use the international language English is. At the Municipal Institute, classes of basic French are provided to foreign people but the flyers detailing theirs pratical details are written in French. Come on! Let's get over with.

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