10 October, 2011

Gulps and puffes, back and forward, along Bressigny street to cope with double regulation

Many students and young people use to have fun two or three days per week in the bars located in Angers downtown most of the time between thursdays and saturdays, given that they are at the end of a week or on the eve of a weekend. For them, have fun means very often enjoy a drink (sometimes it's more than one drink) and smoke some cigarettes. The problem they face comes from the implementation of two regulations, one local about the consumption of alcools in the streets and another regarding the prohibition to smoke in the bars.

A year ago, Angers representatives prohibited to consume alcoolic beverages on the streets after 10.00 pm because of numerous complains from neighbours of bars (and maybe townhall staff who has to clean up the mess after evenings washed down with beers), the consumers have to take their drinks inside the "cafés". But, at the same time, they love to smoke. Unfortunately (for them) it's now forbidden to smoke inside the pubs. So how to manage to be in and out at the same time?

Some of the consumers found a trick to overcome the case. Along Bressigny streets, they stay at the entrance of the bars, step back to swallow a gulp and step beyond to have a puff, as long as the evening lasts... The scene, quite original, could become risky as the weather is getting colder. Bad colds aren't far. They will be cured by rums and inhalations... at home!

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