01 September, 2011

Angers Marcé Airport faces troubles to take off

According to some local medias, the Angers Loire airport would face difficulties. A Italian airline company, Air Vallée, would be hampered by the technical problems on one of the two aircrafts it dedicated to the service of Angers. That lead the company to cancel all its flights to Barcelona during august. Nevertheless the flights could resume from the end of september.

The airport had announced at the beginning of 2011, the launching of a new line to London, but this one is not yet effective. And it's the same to another European destination : Brussels. These postponements or these cancellations would not be serious if they were the first. But it is not the case. According to some observers, the reasons are a lack of promotion and may be an insufficient technical equipment. If the traffic has soared in 2010 (more than 4 200 passengers compared to less than a thousand the year before), the airport is far to have reached its capacity (50 000 persons).

The regular succes it has get on the last years is the meeting "Anjou Retro Wings" : the airport was over flied by the Airbus A 380 unable to land because the runway is too short. Observers think the running of the airport is short too.

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