13 September, 2011

The "Accroche-coeurs" are also "Accroche-customers"

If the 2011 edition of the "Accroche-coeurs" has been once again a success among Angers inhabitants, it has also demonstrated that these are eager to meet vitality in down town. Of course the shows organized in different parts of the center of the city attracted hundreds of people, like the puppets show at Saint-Eloi square on sunday night. And many others visitors experimented a pleasant change of scenery, like in the Deux-Haies street completely transformed in a Chinese way during that popular event.

But the most scheming fact is the waiting line of people at mobile shops selling, most of the time, down-market food. So the inhabitants, even during harsh economic times, have always a little money to spend. That calls into question the restrictive policy implemented by city hall regarding the opening of stores on sundays. Recently, the mayor of angers complained about the opening of a Leclerc super store on sunday mornings at Saint-Jean-de-Linières.

In an appeal to respect a "positive cultural caracteristic of French society", Jean-Claude Antonini recalled the sundays were, above all, a day for rest an family life. But during that time, the streets of down town are empty, with only a few people roaming through a silent down town whose atmosphere is very, very different of the Accroche-coeurs. When will come the time for the Accroche-customers?

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