14 September, 2011

The new Angers Loire Valley website doesn't "Live large"

"Angers Loire Valley", the new brand of the city, has now its own website. That launch makes the new communication strategy of the city a reality. But such a policy will only stay an abstraction if it is not appropriated by the Angers inhabitants. And that is what the website clearly intends to promote : the identification of the people to a city which, in many fields (economy, education, environment) goes ahead. But, a visit in the texts of the website, show the batlle is far from being won...

There is nevertheless a change the city should have developped. In the rules of use of its new brand "Angers Loire Valley", clearly inspired by the wish to be understood in English, the web site unveils a logo entirely written in English (p 27) : "Angers Loire Valley, Live Large". Why this signature would not be used in that way?

The initiative triggered some negative perceptions among inhabitants but, in general, the opinion is quite in favour of that initiative, because people are aware of a fact : English is the international language and Angers has to cope with that. So instead of exclaiming "Live Large", the website should to "think large" and, in order to help the city in its international recognition, also be written... in English!

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