17 September, 2011

Angers property tax is soaring

A few months ago it was only figures, projects, announcements, debates but now a step has been covered and there is another one to come and that last will be the hardest. From the beginning of september, Angers inhabitants do not only collect leaves, they collect their local taxes and those are heavy. 

Compared to the fiscal year 2001, the increase of property tax in Angers city is 42%, but, almost, the annuel increase of 2011 has never been so high : 10%! It is not sure the revenues of Angers inhabitants have raised in a similar proportions during the same year... All the public authorities which collect money in Angers and Angers Loire Valley are concerned. The variation of the amount of money collected by Angers city between 2011 and 2010 is higher by 7%. And the variations between the two fiscal years are not all indicated on the tax return...
The economic crisis is of course responsible of such evolutions, but important projects like the trolley which will have to be refunded, will undoubtedly demand restrictions on other expenses. Among these, the organization of events, some campaigns of communication, lending of vehicles could be brought into question.

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