09 September, 2011

The remains of the Roman era under Lorraine square

It is always a surprise to discover the presence of ancient times a few feet above the ground on which we walk. The redevelopment of the Lorraine square give an example, among others, of this observation. A few weeks ago, the place was levelled by excavation machines and all the cobblestones were cleared. Then some parts of the sites have been carefully clean up in order to give way to archeologists.

These have already opened little holes and trenches from where ancien objects are emerging : pieces of ceramics, glasses or remains of buildings? According to the first research a open air market or a group of craftmen were active there. But all that part of the city was already occupied by inhabitants during the Roman era. A few months ago, a former temple dedicated to the god Mithra was discovered under the Saint Louis clinic since demolished. Years beforce, in Arênes street, others remains of the Roman era were revealed to Angers inhabitants. And twenty years ago, when the building of the Leclerc parking lot, much more remains of the past have been returned to day light.

Within a few months, a new Lorraine square will take place burying for the second time the remains of a distant passt.

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